reflection #6

I had a good talk with Suzanne on Wednesday about the direction of my project. I’m currently in the process of revising my literary review which will also reflect changes made on prototype 2. Previously, my argument was trying to bring in too many factors as Sundi stated on one of my post. My previous reflections were on narrowing down what I can do with my subject, but now that I have one subject I’ll have to do better at condensing my sources into a meaningful pool of information.

My argument / angle will be: Patagonia differs from existing brand through its long history of environmentally sustainable practices which contrasts with modern fast fashion. I will clearly define “green marketing” and reference the instances within recent years and consolidate my sources to prove Patagonia’s effectiveness in influencing the industry. My timeline approach, as stated in my last prototype, is somewhat lackluster and I’m going to need to re-evaluate what I want from the site. One idea is an infinite scrolling site (with a navigation bar for easy jumps to each section) and add custom CSS in order to clean up the text. I’m continuing to work on CSS and watching tutorials on WordPress Plugins. I think our talk with John-Michael really made me want to do something a bit more animate with CSS.

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  1. Your post helps clarify that you are trying to show the long history of environmentally sustainable practices of Patagonia. I wonder if being able to show when there have been peaks in environmentalism on your timeline might help highlight how they are not reacting to public opinion. I don’t know if your research includes this or not, but just thinking through how you will “contrast with modern fast fashion”.

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