Prototyping & Social Media #7

This week has been incredibly productive for me thanks to social media feedback and class reviews. I scrapped my minimalist site and went for a more modern approach. I removed the TimeLine Express plug-in because it was incredibly clunky, unattractive, limiting, and would have required a lot of CSS work to fix. I am incredibly happy with how Knight Lab’s Timeline worked out, although I have not finished the timeline yet. It’s next on the checklist for this week! The embedding feature and external spreadsheet is a wonderful element to the site as it doesn’t require a plug-in or use up space on WordPress.

More information recently came out on Patagonia’s stance against corporations without charity initiatives which I think is good source material for my argument. I was wondering if it was okay that I had so many news outlet-based sources as a lot of Patagonia’s major moves within the past several years are not noted in academic sources.

2 thoughts on “Prototyping & Social Media #7”

  1. I’m glad to hear you had such a productive week, and it sounds like you made some good decisions! I think it’s appropriate that you consult journalistic sources to get the latest news on Patagonia’s initiatives. If any scholars have written about green marketing practices more generally, then you can help readers by contextualizing the news in relation to that scholarship.

  2. Oh, I meant to ask you whether Jun Lee’s questions had any impact on you, particularly when he asked:
    “Do you dress in Patagonia? I think that’s kind of important. So primarily you are interested in it as a fashion brand. Why are you telling this story?
    Dory McKessen: black activist who became famous for wearing blue patagonia vest. Brand ambassador, but doesn’t seem shitty bc of his activism.
    Looking at this, it’s like: oh is this the actual patagonia site? Something to convey that you’re actually a fashion activist who likes this brand.”

    Do you have any interest in conveying your own fashion activism on this site? Doing so might make it feel less like a class assignment and more your own project.

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