Process Reflection #1

I joined this course in order to develop my skills in data visualization, user experience design, and have a better understanding of digital humanities. So far, it has been incredibly interesting to see examples of beautiful visual storytelling such as Koya Bound and Snowfall. In terms of digital humanities, I definitely lean on the side that digital archival and design of data is necessary and valuable for the future.

I am a Digital Studies major with a focus on digital media. Currently, I am researching and planning my capstone project which will investigate the influences on personal identity through digital marketplaces and social media platforms. Through the growth of social media and online forums, it is only natural that the development of identity can be affected by digital factors. During this research, I will conduct interviews, analyze data from online marketplaces, and track the growth of companies. I want to be able to utilize the skills that I have learned so far into making a meaningful project which also has a beautiful, efficient design.

One thought on “Process Reflection #1”

  1. Hi Tony,

    I’m so glad you’re in this class, and your graphic arts/visualizations skills are amazing. This post seems to waver between official personal statement writing and moments when your voice and genuine curiosity come through. Try writing these posts like you’re talking to us in class– the way you spoke when you gave your excellent UX design presentation. Let us know what ideas you want to explore and why, but in this part of your domain, you don’t have to worry about style or formalities. Just think out loud!

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