Outreach #5

This week was another week of reanalyzing and realistically trying to realize my project (I didn’t plan the alliteration). The critique I had gotten last time was that my site would be almost too simplistic. Of course, now that my project has changed, it would make sense for the wireframe and media outreach to change as well. For my wireframe, I think that a much more detailed timeline with overlaying information is needed. The audience must get the general idea and the history before they can understand the movements that Patagonia is making currently. Audio-visual information is much more memorable than chunks of text so I want to incorporate videos into my site without it appearing too cluttered. I’m thinking of creating a timeline that follows a mountain outline (how difficult would that be?) to mirror Patagonia’s logo.

My media outreach plan is working better than I expected (and not from Reddit!). Just following a few wildlife corporation and nature photographers, I have already gained a few followers solely because I am following some people that they are also interested in. I’ll definitely be on the lookout for more environmentally conscious subreddits (or perhaps r/DataIsBeautiful) in the near future.

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  1. It does sound like Timeline JS may work best for what you want to do. I’m curious what subreddits you’ll find around data is beautiful.

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