narrower #3

All of the received feedback on my project and wireframe shared a single theme: I need to narrow my scope. Initially, I planned to have a very generalized timeline of men’s fashion, but I realized that the wider I go, the shallower I’ll dive and I won’t be satisfied with what I have in three weeks.

My discussion with the group and CIS meeting gave me a different perspective on my project and helped me centralize on one theme. As of right now some options are: focus on an Instagram influencer and their relation to masculine marketing and masculinity in hip-hop throughout the 2000s. I’m still very interested in doing the timeline, however I decided to steer clear of the analytic side.

2 thoughts on “narrower #3”

  1. I’m glad you’re finding a more manageable focus, though I’m not sure how this focus on an Instagram influencer, which is a great idea, relates to your annotated bibliography items.

    Also, your posts are all very short–it’s worth taking a bit more time to flesh out your ideas and research in more detail. For example, what will you include in your timeline about the Instagram influencer. How will you write about their relation to masculine marketing and masculinity in hip hop without having an analytical side to the project? Will you provide some scholarly contextualization of your timeline?

  2. Please also use the same categories as everyone else so I can find your posts and give you credit for them!

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