Grouping #4

Over the past week, I have used Google Scholar a lot to find specific secondary articles for my project on Patagonia. Because of their transparency and open message about their ideals, I was able to find a number of articles related directly to Patagonia and scholars who have used Patagonia’s mission in relation to wider sociological approaches. I think that the mapping exercises that we have been doing in class has really opened my eyes to how my sources relate to each other. As I want my project to be a sort of timeline of how Patagonia’s green movement has solidified their spot in the fashion industry over the years, I think it is important to get multiple perspective.

I was able to divide my sources into: primary interviews directly with head directors of Patagonia, newspaper articles, scholarly articles that discuss the symbolism and history of Patagonia, and analysis articles which highlights Patagonia’s connection to broader ideas such as brand loyalty, consumerism, and impact on green fashion. I think I would like to use the historical aspect as a framework for the project to allow the audience to learn more about the brand before getting into their environmental and political endeavors.

2 thoughts on “Grouping #4”

  1. Really interesting to see how your project has changed and developed. Have you found any critiques of Patagonia’s design approach?

  2. I would have never imagined there are sociological articles about Patagonia! I look forward to seeing what you found.

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