Finishing up Content / Responding to Zun / What’s my role? #8

This might be my most informal reflection. Sorry guys. The past week and next week will be revising the content to my site, adding sources, and providing 1-2 more sections to finish up the project. To answer Suzanne’s question on my last reflection (“Did Zun’s question have any effect on you?”), I think it did and I’ll look for ways to incorporate my role as fashion activist and enthusiast into the project.

I own one pair of Patagonia shorts. I have a fleece jacket coming in that I plan on re-selling (it’s a side gig and it’s besides the point… or is it?) Zun’s question really had me thinking about my role in all this. I talk about how Patagonia is perceived as a brand full of posers: wall-street finance bros, upper-middle class suburban moms, and fleece wearing frat bros. I talk about how the brand is more than that and that it is dedicated to the environment and is made for hikers, adventurers, and explorers.

But that’s not the majority demographic. I own a pair of shorts and I go hiking maybe 3 times a year. I’m not an outdoorsman. I doubt the majority of kids even on this campus wearing Patagonia goes climbing, biking, or do environmentally conscious actions every other day. I buy and resell clothes as a side job. Without this demographic of suburban “posers”, I wouldn’t be able to flip that fleece jacket for a profit (vintage Patagonia fleece is SO IN right now for whatever reason). Am I a poser for making this project even though I am only marginally more environmentally conscious in regards to fashion? Or does my awareness of Patagonia’s mission and overall outlook negate this?

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