Prototype (2)


After adding some new plugins, changing my theme, and playing with CSS, my site has a much more completed look. I’m currently using a theme called Altitude Pro which enables custom widgets and parallax scrolling.

The site uses infinite scrolling as studies have shown that users prefer scrolling to clicking through multiple pages. My home page is a simple title with links leading to the next two area, a timeline history of Patagonia’s achievements and the “about” section. On the top, there are links which immediately scroll you to their respective sections.

My newly improved timeline is made using Knight Lab’s timeline tool. I’m able to edit its dates, contents, and titles through a Google spreadsheet. Typically, the tool is embedded on a page, although, I was able to embed it onto the widget area.

The next few sections will be the core content areas with a works cited section that I have not set up yet. I’m considering adding a ‘works cited’ to the top toolbar and link it to a separate page rather than clutter my main page. In terms of content, the two points I want to focus on are Patagonia’s environmental initiatives and the paradox of the brand. Can a pro-sustainability company be profitable? I am planning on having at least one or two more sections discussing Patagonia’s politics and their difference amongst other brands while referencing their modern connotations in the media.

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