Prototype (1) – Tony

For my first prototype, I am sticking with my timeline method for WordPress. I utilized a plug-in called Timeline Express which allows me to consolidate multiple “announcements” or posts onto a timeline which displays images and a brief description of the item. It will allow users to scroll down and more items will pop up which they can click “Read more” to take them to another page. I think this is a good beginning visualizer for how my project will work, however, I’m not extremely happy with the results. The timeline is similar to what I envisioned, but I wanted a horizontal scroller rather than vertical. The plug-in also only plans for current and future years and do not go back further than a certain year. Customizable functions are less than expected, so I don’t think I will be sticking with this plug-in. For the next prototype, I will be trying Timeline’s Knight Lab and attempt to use CSS to modify it.

Timeline Express’s “announcement” post set up. The date does not go back further than 2009 which is a major issue.
Timeline Express’s setting page which contains some useful settings pertaining to visibility and icon size.
Oversized title, undersized image. Centering is off.