Green Garments – Patagonia’s Sustainability in a Consumerist Industry (rev.)

Proposal: I am researching the history of the brand Patagonia and their role as an environmentally conscious company in contemporary fashion. I want to understand their stance on modern fashion, company identity, and political activism during this period of fast fashion. I think that it is important to see visualize their emphasis on the environment despite their place in a consumerist society.

Data: There are various articles through JSTOR and Google Scholar on environmentally friendly and sustainable clothing. Many of these are recent articles and can point towards societal behavior demanding change in the industry. Many articles, including ones written by Patagonia, are available about their own practices and stances.


Plenty of internet sources, primary & secondary.


Unsure if timeline is a great choice anymore, unsure of what programs to use. Possibly just detailed analysis and reading similar to Snowfall.

Social Media & Networking Plan:

Twitter – TBD

I am planning to tweet at major YouTube influencers, content creators, and insiders in the fashion industry as I know they are constantly seeking content for their channels and platforms. I am also planning on using Reddit (r/malefashionadvice) to share my findings on Patagonia using their Daily Discussion posts. Because they are such a large and diverse hub of clothing enthusiasts, I believe that many will find interest in what I am doing.