Self Portrait, 2019.

As seen above, in my magnum opus, I am an aspiring graphic and UX designer. I enjoy making art because I got tired of waiting for people to make art that I wanted to see. In an increasingly technological world, there is no room for bad design and poor user experiences. Looking at you,

My happy place is in bed, shoes kicked off, and looking at clothes. Not always buying, just looking. I like clothes. A little too much actually. I’ve been into fashion for about six years and I think it’s an increasingly interesting hobby. Not just in a physical, materialistic sense, but rather, a human sense. I enjoy learning about the various methods of production, subcultures that emphasize themselves through their attire, the politics and environmental impacts, and the stories of those behind the clothes. At the end of the day, I like telling stories through designs which makes me a great appreciator of cool album art, slick website designs, gripping book covers, and overpriced coffee bags.

My end goal is to be a UX designer or lead editor for a major media company in New York that focuses on culture, technology, music, and fashion. What stands in my way:

  • Money.
  • I don’t really know how public transit works in New York.
  • I need an internship.
  • Money.
  • I need to get better at coding.
  • I need to graduate.
  • Money.
  • I need to get better at Adobe CC.
  • Money.

ps; on the off chance some major company finds this post, please check out my actual work at

14 thoughts on “Tony”

  1. So we meet again. It’s nice to read about how your interests in fashion and graphic design have blossomed since our filmmaking class together a couple years ago. Speaking of graphic design, you should check out the work of one of my friends, Sedki Alimam (mainly on Behance):
    I wish money didn’t stand in the way of so many things that we want, but that’s the unfortunate reality of our materialistic world, and I definitely relate. I probably relate mostly with the need to graduate. It feels like I’ve been at Davidson forever at this point. Anyway, I look forward to learning from you and bearing witness to your creativity this semester. The world needs more of it. See you soon, AJ

  2. I agree that Davidson’s website is relatively far behind, especially the portal. That being said, very interested in politics so should be a good semester.

  3. I really appreciate the way you perceive fashion and how you try to see the stories behind something that at first sight seems so simple. Also, your “ps” section made me curious to see what you have been working on, and you are really talented! I am sure that you’ll overcome those obstacles and do great things with your work.

  4. As a shopping addict myself (albeit usually in thrift stores), what brands do you like the most? Also, this is probably the funniest About Me I’ve read.

    1. I also really enjoy thrifting! Most, if not all, of my high end clothes are bought secondhand for a fraction of its retail cost because I believe in ethical and environmentally conservative consumption.

      With that being said, I love European brands like APC and Acne Studios, but also American based ones as well such as Gitman Vintage and J. Crew. I’ve also dabbled a bit in streetwear in the past (Supreme, PLEASURES [LA Based!], and whatnot), but they’re not really my thing anymore.

  5. So many things!
    1. I love your picture
    2. I have also been increasingly more interested in fashion. You should check out the podcast Dressed.
    3. I also want to get better at Adobe as well
    4. But! Idk how you could say that. Your work is amazing!!! Honestly just wow!

  6. I love the way you bring humor into your serious passions, and your deliberately “bad” infographic made me LOL. As a graphic designer, you’re even good at creating bad graphic designs–which makes me think about the deliberately bad graphics that characterize many of the most successful memes. Why do you think that is? Your graphic also makes me think of a writers’ group created by a few brilliant Davidson English majors a few years ago for bad writing: they had to write really bad stories and poems, and would reject each other’s contributions if they got too “good” bad. It’s fun to think about where the lines between good and bad writing and design fall.

  7. Hi Tony! I’m sorry I’m just now commenting on your About Me post (or on anyone’s for that matter). I got really sick that weekend we were to do it, and then just fell off the grid and never got back to it. Your interest in fashion is so cool (I know we were talking about this in class) and it makes a lot of sense as a designer to also be interested in designing yourself (i.e. fashion). What’s the worst fashion trend/item you’ve seen become popularized lately? ALSO….WOW, your professional website is so cool. You’ve designed for NIKE and SPOTIFY!! How did you get to do those?! and the designs are amazing…I especially really loved the Spotify one. (Nice horrible meme btw.)

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