User Testing #9

Over the break, I was able to get feedback from my girlfriend and friends back home on the site. Their feedback mostly aligned with what the class, the instructors, and Zun thought. Overall, they enjoyed the clean look, efficient menu bar, and parallax scrolling, but felt that it was lacking in visual content. I fixed this by adding more information into the Timeline, adding images to provide context to my content, and altering existing text to get my message across more clearly.

I had intended to get a lot more done over the week of Easter Break including stronger social media outreach and text revision, but family issues prevented me from doing so. As all of my projects are piled into this week, I will be revising my site and my content throughout this time and have a presentable project by Verna Case.

Prototype (3/4)

update: Hi Suzanne and Sundi. I apologize for the lateness of this post, but I’ve experienced family issues over the past few weeks and I hope that it will be okay.

Aesthetically, I took note of what Zun said in class about the Patagonia-ness of my site. I decided to move away from imagery that would lead the audience to think that I am an affiliate of Patagonia. My new hero image is now a collage that shows the duality of Patagonia: its mainstream demographic versus its environmentally conscious side.

My timeline is now complete with the brand’s key moments. I’ve rewritten my content to remove passive voice and promotional speech for the brand. My newest section “Connotations” explores more of the mainstream views of the brand and how it can damage its philanthropic aspects.

Images are added to break up the monotony of text and provide context to what I am referring to. My only missing pieces are citations and an about page which I will be getting done by this weekend.