Data Visualization

Tony, Niara, & Margaret

This is our first attempt at a data visualization chart. While our technical skills may be rusty, our aesthetics are on point. This is a 100% bar chart made using Google sheets. While the chart is not technically used for its intended purposes, the sheer amount of data categories we had made the chart so bad that it actually kinda makes sense.

On the left side, we have our users. On the right side we have the color key matching a skill. In order to find other classmates with skills that are high in a specific category, we can find the category with the key and visually see who has the largest percentage in that category. For example, if I need someone with a particular high level of patience, I can quickly see that Jonathan and Ariana are the ones I need to contact.

While this is useful at a glance, the largest con to using a 100% bar chart is that everyone caps out to 100%. This chart would only truly work if people answered every question. If someone answered only a few questions, their color bar would be inflated so it would be difficult to compare to someone who answered every question.


Self Portrait, 2019.

As seen above, in my magnum opus, I am an aspiring graphic and UX designer. I enjoy making art because I got tired of waiting for people to make art that I wanted to see. In an increasingly technological world, there is no room for bad design and poor user experiences. Looking at you,

My happy place is in bed, shoes kicked off, and looking at clothes. Not always buying, just looking. I like clothes. A little too much actually. I’ve been into fashion for about six years and I think it’s an increasingly interesting hobby. Not just in a physical, materialistic sense, but rather, a human sense. I enjoy learning about the various methods of production, subcultures that emphasize themselves through their attire, the politics and environmental impacts, and the stories of those behind the clothes. At the end of the day, I like telling stories through designs which makes me a great appreciator of cool album art, slick website designs, gripping book covers, and overpriced coffee bags.

My end goal is to be a UX designer or lead editor for a major media company in New York that focuses on culture, technology, music, and fashion. What stands in my way:

  • Money.
  • I don’t really know how public transit works in New York.
  • I need an internship.
  • Money.
  • I need to get better at coding.
  • I need to graduate.
  • Money.
  • I need to get better at Adobe CC.
  • Money.

ps; on the off chance some major company finds this post, please check out my actual work at