Project Proposal (Sort of)

I will be researching the growth of digital marketplaces and their influence on identity and masculinity in modern culture. Due to the rise of digital marketing and progressive landscape in men’s fashion, I want to figure out if there is a quantifiable relationship between the growth of media marketing and the shift in perception of masculinity. I am studying this because it’s my CIS Capstone Project because I have noticed a trend of men being more interested in fashion and that there is a growth of male “influencers” on social media and vloggers on YouTube. I believe this is an important topic to research as it not only illustrates a growing consumer culture, but also reveal how digital media can shape gender and socio-economic identity.

Data Visualization

Tony, Niara, & Margaret

This is our first attempt at a data visualization chart. While our technical skills may be rusty, our aesthetics are on point. This is a 100% bar chart made using Google sheets. While the chart is not technically used for its intended purposes, the sheer amount of data categories we had made the chart so bad that it actually kinda makes sense.

On the left side, we have our users. On the right side we have the color key matching a skill. In order to find other classmates with skills that are high in a specific category, we can find the category with the key and visually see who has the largest percentage in that category. For example, if I need someone with a particular high level of patience, I can quickly see that Jonathan and Ariana are the ones I need to contact.

While this is useful at a glance, the largest con to using a 100% bar chart is that everyone caps out to 100%. This chart would only truly work if people answered every question. If someone answered only a few questions, their color bar would be inflated so it would be difficult to compare to someone who answered every question.