About Me


My name is Tony Nguyen and I am currently a rising junior at Davidson College from Lawrenceville, Georgia. Growing up in one of the most diverse places in America, I attribute my love for design, music production, and the arts to the people I grew up with.

I created this site to not only showcase my art, but to track my progress as a person and as a content developer. Fascination is a curious collection of things. It is sleepless nights, coffee overdoses, music playlists, mouse clicks, color swatches, starry eyes, dreams, and ambition. I am fascinated by architecture, hip-hop, films, short stories, fashion, and fascination itself. What are other people fascinated by? Why are they fascinated by it? I hope to answer these questions for myself. So, what is your fascination?

I have worked with WordPress since sophomore year of high school and strived to creatively display my own life and the lives of others. On my site, I wrote album reviews and short stories, conducted interviews with other artists, and acted as a platform for others’ works. During that year, I became more adept with filmmaking, digital design, and website development which lead me to create a Digital Studies major through my college’s center for interdisciplinary studies. With this site, I will create a clear representation of what I have done, what I am working on, and what I need to work on. Feel free to check out my portfolio for previous works and my posts for the most recent additions.